Bathroom Shower Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It might not be the kitchen where we entertain people the most – but it is something that helps us to get ready each morning. Because of this we want to make sure that it has all of the features that we need and want. The most important and most popular is the type of shower that we have.

Shower And Tub Design

The most common that we use and that can be seen in homes is the shower and bathtub design. This is a combination of the two and is the most basic form of both. The bathtub is usually made with acrylic and the shower head comes out over the top of the bathtub. While this is the most affordable design it is one of the smallest and the most boring.

Frameless Shower Design

The frameless shower design is unique because it can be as small or large as you would like. These work great in smaller bathroom to provide a separate area from your bathtub and a shower stall to use. There is no frame – but instead it is surrounded by a wall of tiles. This allows you to use a whirlpool bathtub because of the space that you have freed up with the shower.

The more modern types of frameless showers are made with glass sides all around it – but no steel frames to support it. These are the more expensive types and are built using a glass that is thick and durable – but that gives you bathroom a luxurious appearance.

Walk In Shower Design

The most coveted is the walk in shower design. This is designed using a wide range of materials and can be built in such a way to hold not only one – but two or even three people at a time. These are usually built with glass doors and walls and a steel frame to support it. The door opens easily to allow access to the shower and closes to give you privacy.

One of the biggest advantage to this shower idea is that you are able to use a variety of shower features. Now you can turn your ordinary shower into a steam room or you can use large and rather expensive shower heads that give you various ways to stream the water out.