Colors To Use In Bathrooms

There are times when remodeling a bathroom means that we need to rip out everything inside and completely restructure the whole thing. Other times it means we simply need to change things up and give it a new look without spending a fortune. The best way to do this is to give it a new color.

Painting is an easy job that can take one day when you have the time to do it. The hard part is not painting. The hard part is trying to choose the colors you wish to use inside of the bathroom. The guest bathroom will be a different color from the kids bathroom and the master bathroom. In the end it will be based upon what you like the most and what emotion you wish people to have when they step inside.

Kids Bathroom

When painting the kids bathroom you want to choose something that is bright and colorful and true to their personality. Darker colors are more subdued and as such will cause the children to become quiet and more subdued. Try to use the colors that they love the most. For a girl you can use pink, purple, and blue. For a boy you can use blue, green, and yellow.

Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom is one of the smallest bathrooms in the house and for some homes it only has a toilet. This is the room that everyone will be using the most and because of that you want it to be stylish and to match the look you have created in the rest of the home. Neutral colors like brown, tan, and white are always safe to use.

If you wish to have a more dramatic or modern look you can try to use something that is more vibrant. Choosing a deep toned red or auburn is always nice to have. It will make the room feel smaller – but that doesn’t matter if it only has a toilet in it anyway.

Master Bathroom

This is the bathroom you have been waiting years to redo. If you are like me you have a color or wallpaper inside of it that is simple and boring and nothing you would ever really want. Try to choose colors that are soothing and calming. Light brown and tan colors are some of the best. Anything too dark and dramatic might make it difficult to relax dring your evening bubble bath.