Remodeling The Master Bathroom

When we are remodeling the master bathroom we want it to reflect the style that we created in the master bedroom that it is connected to. This means that we want to create a look that we are able to enjoy with the space that we need in a bathroom. In order to accomplish this there are a few things that we need to consider.


Before we can do anything we must sit down with our spouse and discuss what type of style we wish to use. Contemporary is the most common style used in master bathrooms today and is a combination of the traditional and modern day styles. It uses colors that are calming, relaxing, and neutral.

Modern is a style that is popular – but not everyone enjoys the dramatic look that is created from it. It goes a step beyond contemporary and instead of being just relaxing it uses colors that are vibrant, bold, and stand out immediately. Any furniture that you use and the colors on the wall will create such a dynamic look that you cannot easily forget.


The furniture that you use in your bathroom is important because it is what you will use to store all of your toiletries. The best master bathrooms are designed with double sinks that give a designated amount of space to each spouse. If your bathroom is big enough then we suggest you stay with this design and maybe improve upon it by using marble, granite, or other decorative countertops for the surface of it.

If the woman needs more space try to use a vanity and set it against one wall. This vanity is large and comes in a variety of designs and styles to match any bathroom. It is designed to give the woman the space and the lighting she needs to do her make up and hair while sitting down. If you are going to have a vanity then one sink is all you will need to keep you from taking up too much space.